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Dancer's Checklist

A Must to Remember
FUSTA Registration Card
Dancer’s Entry Number
Photocopy of entry & check
Maps to dance competition location
Female Highland
Female National
White Blouse or Dress
Highland Socks Aboyne Skirt
White Blouse/Dickie Aboyne Vest/Lace-up Tie
Highland Vest/Jacket Tartan Plaid/Brooch
Black Dance Briefs White Slip
Garters/Elastics White Dance Briefs
Highland Ghillies Dance Tights/White Socks
Highland Ghillies
Female Jig
Female Hornpipe
Jig Dress or/
Hornpipe Pants
White Blouse/Skirt/Vest Hornpipe Tunic
White Slip White Dickie
White Dance Briefs Black Tie
White Apron Hornpipe Hat
Dance Tights/White Socks Dance Briefs
Jig Shoes Socks - white or dark
Highland Ghillies
Male Highland
Male National
Kilt or Tartan Trews
White Shirt White Shirt
Jacket Jacket
Vest, Bowtie, Flashes Vest, Bowtie, Flashes
Cummerbund Cummerbund
Plaid and Brooch Plaid and Brooch
Black Dance Briefs Black Dance Briefs
Sporran Sporran
Highland Socks Highland Socks
Highland Ghillies Highland Ghillies
Balmoral Hat Balmoral Hat
Male Jig
Male Hornpipe
Jig Waistcoat/Vest
Hornpipe Pants
Jig Jacket Hornpipe Tunic
Jig Trousers White Dickie
White Shirt/Neck Handkerchief Black Tie
Jig Socks Hornpipe Hat
Paddy Hat Dance Briefs
Shillelagh Socks - white or dark
Jig Shoes Highland Ghillies
Hair Kit
Personal Dancer Items
Bobby Pins
Rubber Bands Water Spray Bottle
Hair Piece/Bun Donut Safety Pins
Hairnets Needle & Thread
Gel/Mouse Scissors
Hairspray Black Electric Tape
Comb/Brush Shoe Glue
Hairclips/Combs Black Shoe Polish
Makeup & Mirror
Miscellaneous Outdoor Items
Foam Squares for Practice
Water Folding Chairs
Cool Drinks Cooler with Drinks & Food
Ice Bag & Cooler Rain Cape
First Aid Kit Tarpaulin/Tent
Cut-up Veggies & Fruit Umbrella
Camera/Film Blankets
Video Cam Map/Directions
Change of Clothes/Shoes Money

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